Asks for Masks

This is a brilliant auction in aid of PPE for Frontline workers and is live from May 10-14 at (And also live-streaming with Sue

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Ira portrait


As I have a toddler staying in the house, I thought I would paint his portrait! He is only 20 months, but already has so

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Spring into Summer

My new show at The Ashburn Gallery, Ashburton, Devon opens on June 1st 2020! With social distancing, the show can go on! See special offer

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squirrel animal nature

Cyril was commissioned this spring for a small girl after she became fascinated by the squirrel activity in her back garden. Cyril sits and eats his breakfast most mornings on the patio table and comes and goes – along with several friends – throughout the day, provoking much delight and hilarity.

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