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Jill Meager

Art captures a passion and communicates it to the viewer.  Every time I see an animal or a bird, I immediately want to involve myself in its existence, to describe its form and presence, and to uncover its identity. The eyes are always my starting point: once I have those in place, I feel I can see into the soul and find the path to the portrait.

Although I work across all media, I particularly like the roughness and grittiness of charcoal and pastel – organic materials to describe organic beings. Over a few weeks, I add, take away, add more again until I am happy with my invention. My studio floor becomes a heap of dust and rubber flakes, broken pastel and charcoal sticks and the discarded wrappings of many erasers.

Some of my favourite birds are in the Corvid family and I have been travelling round the UK looking at the intelligent, resourceful and frequently hilarious antics of various rooks, ravens, magpies and crows. For their portraits, I have been using ink: it coincides so beautifully with their dark and graceful fluidity.

From ink, I have moved into collage for my latest series. I love the slightly 3D, sculptural effect of layering paper and card over and over until the subject comes alive and seems ready to stride off the page. My desk fills up with pots of glue, brushes, scalpels, and tweezers, the studio awash with sheets of coloured paper – bought, painted, torn from magazines, or randomly sourced when I am out and about. Magpie-like, I have an eye for glitter and booty to bring back to my nest.


Peregrine falcon

This is my latest commission and is such a beautiful bird, blue-grey above with a blackish top of the head and white face, and sadly

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Snappy the Crayfish

My latest commission – a blue-ringed crayfish. Exquisite creatures of such intricacy. They regularly moult off their entire exo-skeleton and emerge brand new underneath.

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Wildlife at The Shard

Hare 20, Coal tit and Frigatebird are on show as part of the Shard Elevate_Art exhibition from February 7 – April 30 2019. A radical

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squirrel animal nature


Cyril is my latest piece. He was commissioned for a small girl after she became fascinated by the squirrel activity in her back garden. Cyril

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Biography and Exhibitions

I have loved animals and birds since I was a small child and I spent much of my childhood drawing and painting them, seeking out any wildlife I could find – any passing dog, the cows in the field on the way to school, or the hedgehog in the back garden. Coming from a background where art was not considered a sensible career choice, I studied Modern Languages at Cambridge University but from there I resumed my creative activities and embarked on a career as an actor before finally returning to study at Putney School of Art and Design.

I have been a finalist in the National Open Art Competition, a finalist in the V&A Inspired by exhibition and a finalist in the Morley Gallery Draw More competition. I was also selected as a Featured Artist for the House and Garden  Magazine 70th Anniversary Edition

Hare 4 has been used as the illustration for a Michael Morpurgo short story and Hare 1 was selected as the Christmas card image for the charity Farms for City Children in 2015

A selection of my work is held at the Jane Newbery Gallery, 84 Dulwich Village London SE21 7AJ

I take part in the annual West London AAH Open Studios event June 14th-16th:

I am member of ARTCAN

Finalist, National Open Art Competition
Somerset House, London 2014


Jane Newberry Gallery
84 Dulwich Village SE21 7AJ

Art at the Shard


February 6-April 30

Selected works at Duff and Phelps, The Shard.

June 14-16

AAH Artists at Home, Chiswick


Chiswick in Pictures, Clayton Hotel,  London  


From the Studio Floor, Mill Lane, Cambridge

ArtCan, at 44 Hallam St, London

Chiswick in Pictures, Clayton Hotel London

Laveli Chiswick



Chiswick in Pictures, Clayton Hotel London




Christmas exhibition, Oil and Water Gallery London

Birds, Beasts and Butterflies, Oil and Water Gallery London

Portrait, Espacio Gallery London



Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Oil and Water Gallery London

artFix inaugural show, London



National Open Art Competition, Courtauld Gallery

Touring to Minerva Festival Theatre, Chichester

Making Seen, Espacio Gallery, London


Little ringed plover

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