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Jill Meager

Jill trained at Cambridge University and Putney School of Art and Design. Raised in rural Scotland, she primarily works in response to wildlife – its resilience, its design and now increasingly its vulnerability.

“I have long been fascinated by wild creatures and I feel a strong emotional connection to them. In my portraits, I try to capture their beauty, the profound meaning of their existence and the important and often under-estimated role they play in our lives. On my recent journeys it has been a great privilege to see hares, hedgehogs, puffins and many other amazing creatures, but it has also been sad to acknowledge that many of them are struggling to cope in a man-made hostile environment.”

“Jill’s particular genius is to distill the essence of the natural world and in so doing make it something more than itself. Her work is not photographically reproductive and in her manipulation of scale she nimbly creates pieces which pulse with subtle and mischievous life. She imbues her creatures with character without anthropomorphising. The result is the true definition of art: through the medium of the artist the subject is transformed and given more than ordinary significance. Jill’s technical skill is matched by her wisdom, wit and passionate engagement with the world around her and it is these qualities which are the underpinnings of her work and why every piece she makes is simply, viscerally, compellingly beautiful.”

Francesca Brill, writer and film maker

Current themes:

The Corvid family – Ravens, Rooks and Crows. Travelling round the UK, she has collated a body of work celebrating the antics of these intelligent and resourceful creatures.

Darwin’s Birds: Mixed media explorations of loss.

Solo portraits: Large, single portraits of animals and birds

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine falcon

This is a commission from earlier this year and is such a beautiful bird, blue-grey above with a blackish top of the head and white

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Snappy the Crayfish

Another commission from this year – a blue-ringed crayfish. Exquisite creatures of such intricacy. They regularly moult off their entire exo-skeleton and emerge brand new

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Biography and Exhibitions

2012 V&A Inspired by: finalist

2012 Morley Gallery Draw More: finalist

2014 National Open Art Competition: finalist  

2016 Michael Morpurgo short story:  Hare 1 selected illustration

2017 House and Garden  Magazine 70th Anniversary Edition: featured artist

2015-19 Christmas card illustrations for Farms for City Children and InterAct Stroke Support 

2019 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition shortlisted

A selection of my work is held at the Jane Newbery Gallery, 84 Dulwich Village London SE21 7AJ and at The Ashburn Gallery, Ashburton, Devon

I am member of ARTCAN


Crow, National Open Art Competition


Jane Newbery Gallery
84 Dulwich Village SE21 7AJ


Art at the Shard


February 6-November 30

Selected works at The Shard London

April 30-September 30

ArtCan 44 Hallam St W1

May 13-18

From the Studio Floor, St Barnabas, Cambridge

June 14-16

AAH Artists at Home, Chiswick

August 2-31

Ashburn Gallery Summer Exhibition, Ashburton, Devon


Chiswick in Pictures, Clayton Hotel,  London  


Solo show Jane Newbery Gallery Dulwich Village London


From the Studio Floor, Mill Lane, Cambridge

ArtCan, at 44 Hallam St, London

Chiswick in Pictures, Clayton Hotel London

Laveli Chiswick



Chiswick in Pictures, Clayton Hotel London




Christmas exhibition, Oil and Water Gallery London

Birds, Beasts and Butterflies, Oil and Water Gallery London

Portrait, Espacio Gallery London



Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Oil and Water Gallery London

artFix inaugural show, London



National Open Art Competition, Courtauld Gallery

Touring to Minerva Festival Theatre, Chichester

Making Seen, Espacio Gallery, London


Little ringed plover

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