This giraffe lives at London Zoo. I don’t love zoos: the animals are captive and watching them is a bitter-sweet experience, but visiting zoos as a child did give me a lifelong passion for the natural world and what it can show us in terms of beauty, design and exhilarating freedom. Giraffes are animals that often stand quite still and so make good subjects for portraiture. They have astonishingly long eye-lashes.

£900.00 framed
£825.00 unframed

UK postage:

Artwork mounted on board: please add £20.00
Artwork framed: please add £80.00

All packing and shipping is handled by a dedicated art courier.
If you have any queries about the work or the shipping, or for International Shipping rates, please drop me an email and I will be happy to help.

General announcement:
At the moment and for the next few weeks, shipping may be delayed.

Please contact me to discuss options if you wish to make a purchase.

Unframed Original


Framed Original


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